I Knew About the Criminal Case from the Internet, the Head of Minsk Metro

05.04.2010 18:47
Архив Редакция

Chief of Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Metro", Nikolai Andreev, commenting a criminal case initiated against him, stated that nobody notified him about it. "Nobody told me about it. I knew about it last Thursday, April 1, from the Internet. That's why I do not comment anything", the head of the Minsk metro said.

According to Nikolai Andreev, he continues to work. «Why don’t I have to work? I have not been shot yet … you can ask about a criminal case those who writes about it. I can say nothing else», the head of capital’s metro said, Belarusian News informed.
In their turn, the law enforcement confirmed that criminal case was initiated. As it’s reported, initially, during the audit — conducted by Economic Crimes officers — there was no reason for that. The so-called relinquished material was disaffirmed by Moscow district prosecutor’s office, and only after that the investigation department of the preliminary investigation of Moscow district police department initiated a case under part 1, article 428 of the Criminal Code of Belarus «negligence».

As Telegraf previously reported, the case is under investigation now. The preventive measure against suspected is still not fixed. The head of Minsk Metro is suspected in that in 2008, due to the negligence, he caused damage to the company — he heads — in the amount of about 530 million rubles.

He is accused in that he — in a way of improper performance of official duties -, due to careless attitude to the duty, re-signed a contract with one of the Belarusian companies and paid the commissioning — which took place during the replacement of three old escalator’s tapes between «Kupalovskaya «and «Oktyabrskaya» stations on four new ones — at MUE «Minsk Metro» expense.

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