Gosstandart Develops a Program of Gas Substitution

22.07.2010 16:56
Архив Редакция

In 2012-2015, at 161 Belarusian facilities there will be introduced a system of renewable energy use, what is provided by new state program to develop renewable energy, elaborated by Belarus' State Committee for Standardization. It was reported by deputy head of Gosstandart, director of the department of energy effectiveness of Belarus, Leonid Shenets.

In the course of the program implementation, in Belarus it’s planned to build 26 mini HES, what gives a chance to substitute about 0.5 billion cubic meters of gas, Leonid Shenets said. Total amount of alternative energy is planned to increase to eight million tons of equivalent fuel in 2015, and up to 9.5 million tones in 2020, BelTA informs.

In his turn, Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus, Yuri Rymashesky, told that there paid great attention to the development of renewable energy in Belarus. «This is the most important direction to diversify the country’s energy balance», deputy minister said.

According to Yuri Rymashevsky, to the date, in the republic there have been already implemented more than ten major projects to develop renewable energy. Currently, there being carried out a number of projects on hydropower engineering, as well as a pilot project on windpower engineering in Grodno region.

These are promising directions of alternative energy sources development, Deputy Minister of Energy believes. According to Yuri Rymashevski, hydropower potential of Belarus will reach 260 MW in near future, there will be also ensured considerable amount of electric power production — up to one billion kW/h.