Gaidukevich Wants to Become Joint Opposition Candidate

08.07.2010 12:41
Архив Редакция

The leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Sergei Gaidukevich plans to collect one million signatures in his support as a presidential nominee. For this purpose he wants to involve four thousand persons to work in his initiative group.

Simultaneously, Sergei Gaidukevich doesn’t exclude that he will have to refuse to run for president because all other nominees won’t manage to collect necessary 100 thousand signatures. In this case he will remain the only opponent of the incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko, «European Radio for Belarus» informs.

«I fairly tell you that I am afraid at all to remain toe to toe. Since nobody will collect the signatures. And if I remain toe to toe everyone will stone me. Only a lazy one won’t call me names in such situation. And I will have to refuse», the LDPB leader said.

However, the politician yet hasn’t decided definitively on the question of refusing of the nominee. Even if only two nominees, i.e. Alexander Lukashenko and Sergei Gaidukevich, remains in the beginning of the elective campaign, he doesn’t intend to give up and he is ready to search for supports of other representatives of the Belarusian opposition. LDPB leader hopes that in similar situation «all of them will support me, having rejected the foolish ambitions». «If they at all want to change something in this state», Sergei Gaidukevich amplified.

Sergei Gaidukevich stated earlier in the interview to that he was ready to support someone of the Belarusian politicians who would be a joint opposition candidate.

«I don’t see the competitor who can win me! I don’t see the person who has at least 10 % of my recognition and my image. How can I support someone who even approximately can’t compete with me in rating and recognition?!», Sergei Gaidukevich said.

And though, according to Sergei Gaidukevich, he shouldn’t count on support of other representatives of opposition. And he considers that «there are enough resources in the party» and he «won’t stop and will do the others’ work».