Estonia Realizes the First Shipment of Venezuelan Oil for Belarus

28.07.2010 09:17
Архив Редакция

Estonia began the shipment of import Venezuelan oil for Belarus from the first tanker arrived in Muuga port. Then, "black gold" will be delivered to Belarus by rail. To transport the first 80 tons of oil there will be required about 20-22 railway vehicles of 57 cars.

According to unofficial information, the second tanker with 80 tons of Venezuelan oil for Belarus arrives in Estonia soon, then this oil will be sent to Naftan company as it’s planned with the first batch, RZD-Partner informs.

Besides Estonian port of Muuga, according to the experts in the industry, it is also possible to carry out the transshipment of oil from Venezuela through the ports of Latvia and Lithuania, but in contrast to Ventspils port, which is technically ready to receive it, the port of Klaipeda should be technically reinforced for these purposes, what requires sufficiently large investment.

As Telegraf previously reported by, according to Belarusian Railways, the departure of the first train with Venezuelan oil from Estonia to Belarus was expected on July 25-27. According to Belarusian Oil Company and Estonian port of Muuga, the arrival of the fifth tanker with Venezuelan oil for Belarus in Estonian port was expected on July 23 at 13:00.
«Immediately after the tanker arrives, there will start the discharge of oil into stationary port capacities of Estonian private terminal, and then there will be realized the pouring of oil into the tanks of inventory park of Belarusian and Latvian railway», noted in the BOC earlier.