Election of a Single Candidate is Something like Beauty Contest, Milinkevich

07.07.2010 16:57
Архив Редакция

The leader of For Freedom (Za Svabodu) Movement, Alexander Milinkevich, compared attempts to elect a single opposition candidate for presidential elections with beauty contest, where there is neither idea nor ideology. Moreover, the politician considers such attempts as games and he pointed out that he had no desire to participate in it.

«We’re playing very serious political games. It is a fight for the country, it is a struggle for independence and democracy», European Radio for Belarus quotes Alexander Milinkevich.

«And how to choose a single blindly when some part of candidates says that we must recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia and introduce the Russian ruble, and the second is for the European choice?» And imagine that those who will participate in this procedure, should say: «Whoever wins, I will support him. Is it serious or not?», the leader of For Freedom (Za Svabodu) Movement ask himself.