Drunken Minsk Citizen after Quarrel with His Ex Burns Himself

06.04.2010 12:45
Архив Редакция

On April, 4th 40-year-old Minsk citizen came back home heavily drunk and began to sort out relations with the ex-wife and the 15-year-old daughter. The woman didn't want to suffer the rowdy and went to a local police   office. The man locked himself in the apartment. Neither requests of the wife, nor the arrangements of the local policeman influenced the man. Instead the brawler poured kerosene over himself and struck a match.

The police officers said when the  woman had left the apartment, the man locked the door from within and refused to let anybody in. He just cried to his ex-wife and a daughter and the policemen to come up to a balcony.

The police noticed that the drunken man behaved, at least, strange on the balcony. He cried out something, threatened his relatives, and swung his hands. This made the policeman to call the rescuers to the place of incident. They failed to beat out the door because of the lack of time.

Now the injured man is hospitalized in burn resuscitation department with the diagnosis of thermal burns of a head, a neck, a body, the upper and lower extremities. The total burnt area of the body is 32,8 %.

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