Drunken Host Pours Solvent and Sets Fire to the Sleeping Drinking Companions

07.04.2010 11:44
Архив Редакция

By the tradition a pensioner with his wife decided to drink in the evening at week-day. The hosts invited two visitors. As a result banal drinking of spirits in the apartment on Pienzienskaja street in Minsk caused the death of one visitor because the host decided to set fire to the drinking companions, while they were sleeping.

Being drunk the wife of the host fall asleep the first one. A little bit later the visitors fall asleep on a sofa too. After that the 60-year-old host, whose organism was more resistant to the spirits, went to take a breath of fresh air. Coming back he decided to continue the feast. However he failed to wake someone of the company, the police officers of Akciabrski district of Minsk informed.

Police officers noticed that the given fact made the pensioner angry. That’s why the elderly man took on a balcony a bottle with solvent, poured a combustible liquid and set the fire to the sleeping. As a result his spouse and one of the visitors got insignificant burns, and the 53-year-old second visitor, who lived  in Minsk region, was hospitalised with the thermal burns of the second degree. And in some days the victim deceased in hospital.

A criminal case under part 3. art.147 of Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus («Deliberate causing the heavy physical injury which entailed on imprudence the death of the victim «) was initiated against this man. He faces imprisonment of up to 15 years.

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