Belarus to Support Refugees through Impossible, Lukashenko

29.07.2010 15:37
Архив Редакция

Belarus will always be in the forefront of countries, which support refugees. It was stated by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, during his meeting with UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres. According to the President, Belarus provides assistance to refugees "as far as possible and even through impossible".

«You have a very honorable mission», Alexander Lukashenko said, referring to António Guterres. «You help the people, who are in trouble, probably more than anybody else. I am very glad that you have a chance to see our country, to see the real situation here, as well as the most problematic category of people in our world».

«Unfortunately, in the course of time, the number of such problem people, who had bad situation at home, increases. We feel it in our country. We have thousands of people — refugees, stateless persons who ask our country to help», BelTA quotes Belarusian leader.

At the same time, Alexander Lukashenko assured that Belarus would always cooperate with the Office of High Commissioner for Refugees (UNOHCR), being in the forefront of countries, which provide aid to refugees.

Belarus pursues a positive policy towards refugees, Guterres

In his turn, António Guterres stressed that Belarus pursued a favorable policy to protect refugees and to grant them asylum. «In Belarus, there live tolerant people, while there are a lot of problems with xenophobia in the world. Therefore, the tolerance is very needed in modern conditions», António Guterres said.

High Commissioner also noted that Belarus’ geographical position was the cause of mixed migratory flows. «A lot of so-called economic refugees go through the country. But among them there are people who flee from war, or these are women who are victims of human trafficking. Therefore, the cooperation with Belarus is very important for UNOHCR,» Antonio Guterres said.

«We support Belarusian initiative in this sphere at the UN level», High Commissioner, António Guterres, noted and added that UNOHCR and the Interior Ministry of Belarus decided to expand joint activities.

Belarus’ Interior Ministry and the UN signed an agreement on the legal status of UNOHCR mission

Interior Ministry and the United Nations signed am agreement on cooperation and the legal status of UNOHCR mission in Belarus and its staff.
From the Belarusian side the document was signed by Interior Minister, Anatoly Kuleshov, from the United Nations — UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, who is visiting Belarus on July 28-29.

In Interior Ministry noted that the signing of the agreement would not only contribute to the deepening of bilateral practical cooperation, but will strengthen Belarus image on the world arena.