Belarus' State Property Committee Executes Privatization Plan-2010 by 65%

21.07.2010 10:41
Архив Редакция

Over the first half of 2010, from the use and disposal of state property Republican budget received 65.2% of total money income, planned by the budget for this year, reported in State Property Committee.

Budget revenues from the use and disposal of state property in January-June 2010 exceeded the level of the same period of last year by 200.8 billion rubles and amounted to 2.32 trillion rubles. 494.6 billion rubles of them is an income from the use of state property and 1.83 trillion- from its sale.

The bulk of incomes are formed from the sale of shares of open joint stock companies. This year, this amount has already reached 1826.3 billion rubles (78.5% of total revenues), including the sale of Beltransgaz shares — 1.825 trillion rubles.

From the total amount of incomes, dividends on shares amounted to 95.6 billion rubles, transfers of some part of profits of unitary enterprises and state associations — 370.4 billion rubles, transfers from the lease of property — 28.6 billion rubles.

The decree of the president of Belarus «On some issues of the lease and free use of property», came into force on January 1, 2010, did not affect significantly the total amount of revenues from the lease of state property. Thus, for the first quarter of 2010, from the lease of property the budget received 11.9 billion rubles, for the second quarter — 12.9 billion rubles.