Belarus Fell to 112th Place in Peace-Loving Countries Ranking

25.05.2011 10:08
Архив Редакция

Belarus has fallen to 112th place this year in the Global Peace Index ranking of the world's peace-loving countries, compiled by the Australian Institute of Economics and the World. Last year, Belarus ranked 105th, in 2009 — 98th, and in 2008 — 94th place.

The most peace-loving in list of 153 countries are Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark and Greece. Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and North Korea occupy the lowest positions.

As for Belarus’s neighbors, the best places in the ranking are taken by Poland — (22), Lithuania — (43), Latvia — (46) and the Ukraine — (69).

At the same time, Belarus has well surpassed its eastern neighbor. Russia ranks 147th this year (7th from the end of the rating).

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