Belarus Doubles Beer Export in 2010

30.07.2010 17:13
Архив Редакция

In January-June 2010, Belarusian breweries exported 1840.3 thousand dal of beer, increasing the export of their product in 2.03 times compared to the same period of 2009. However, this years' task of 6 million dal, established under the program of brewing industry development in 2006-2010, performed only by 30.7%, reported in Belgospischeprom.

During the first half of the year, Krinitsa increased its export by 66.2% to 1187 thousand dal, Lidskoe Pivo — in 2.3 times to 244.5 thousand dal, Brestskoe beer — in 5.4 times to 160 thousand dal, Syabar — in 17.2 times to 154.9 thousand dal, BelaPAN informs.

There also increased export of Olivaria brewery (in 29.1 times to 39.1 thousand dal) and Dvinski Brovar (in 2.4 times to 27.4 thousand dal). Rechitsapivo export decreased by 24.4% to 27.5 thousand dal.

Over the same period, according to Belgospischeprom, in domestic market of Belarus there sold 15 116.9 thousand dal of beer, that is 1.7% more than in January-June 2009. Thus, breweries completed their task for the first half of the year (21.9 million dal) by 70.1%.