Barhim Is for Sale at 11.08 Million Dollars

27.07.2010 14:06
Архив Редакция

To the date, 99.4% of shares of Barhim, which will be put up to auction in September, are state owned, and their cost is estimated at 33 billion rubles (or 11.08 million dollars). Meanwhile, the company began to modernize.

The first product has been recently released at new enterprise’s shop producing granular detergents. Its equipment cost Belneftekhim concern 25 billion rubles, the equipment for the shop was acquired in Italy, European Radio for Belarus informs.

New shop will produce twice as much product than the two old — that is, its facilities are designed to produce ten thousand tons of detergent a year.

As Telegraph previously reported, in Belneftekhim they said that the concern would change the conditions of Barhim sale and then it was being considered the possibility to change the terms to sell Barhim shares.

Belneftekhim is a supervising body to sell Barhim shares, and the main additional condition of bidding on this company is to increase its capacities by 20 thousand tons of synthetic detergents (SD) per year.