262.28 Million Dollars Sent to Overcome Chernobyl Consequences

06.04.2010 15:14
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Minister of Emergency Situations, Enver Bariev, at a meeting of Presidium of Belarusian Council of Ministers informed that the country started to develop a state program to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl disaster for 2011-2015. The head of Emergency Ministry reminded that in 2010 the fourth state program to overcome Chernobyl consequences ends, and 262.28 million dollars from Republican budget will be sent for that purpose.

«The main goal of this program is to ensure the transition from rehabilitation activity to the most problematic spheres of disaster overcoming, to purposeful socio-economic recovery and sustainable development of affected regions, while maintaining the current level of social protection and radiation safety», BelTA quotes the words of Minister.

According to Enver Bariev, these tools will let successfully complete the state program and meet the required parameters. «In this case, we’ll provide social and medical protection of citizens, production, suitable to national and international standards, funding of children nutrition, construction of social importance’s objects and so on», the head of Emergency Ministry said.

Enver Bariev also reported that a new program for 2011-2015 will focus «on rehabilitation and further socio-economic development of affected regions with maintaining the necessary level of social protection of citizens and radiation safety «.

The arrangements to overcome Chernobyl consequences are very expensive, Sidorsky

In his turn, Prime Minister of Belarus, Sergei Sidorsky, at the meeting of Presidium of Belarusian Council of Ministers, reported that the arrangements to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl disaster are very expensive. «Only in the past, difficult for Belarus year, 922.3 billion rubles (about 310 million dollars) was sent around to implement this program. This is a lot of money», the prime minister said.

Sergei Sidorsky also noted a number of current problems in affected areas, problematic issues of providing children nutrition, getting clean agricultural products and others. «A number of issues stipulated by the program for 2009, remained unfulfilled. I ask the governors, in particular, of Mogilev and Gomel regions, to expound the reasons caused that», Belarusian prime minister said.

The Prime Minister added that the main result of today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers’ Presidium should be the adoption of a program to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl disaster for this year. According to the said, the head of Belarusian government asked regional executive committees to present their proposals on this issue.

«This year is the final for the program, this year we should fully implement the planned. This issue is under control of the Head of State», Sergei Sidorsky reminded.

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