2.5 Thousand Protocols For Drinking Beer in Public Places, MIA

23.03.2010 17:11
Архив Редакция

Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, Evgeny Poluden, declared that about 2.5 thousand protocols were made in Belarus from February 23 for drinking beer in public places. There were more than one thousand protocols made in Minsk since the day of ban. 

«These numbers show that most of the people normally interpret a ban on drinking beer and low alcohol drinks in public places. It’s become possible including by use of information campaign, which was held by police jointly with mass media», noted Evgeny Poluden. 

According to the deputy minister, the main police efforts are aimed precisely at crime preventing. «An important role in maintaining the order is being played by youth squads to maintain the order (YSMO)», said the representative of Interior Ministry, informs BelTA.

At the moment, there are 188 squads, which have a membership of nearly five thousand people. Such units are crated including with the participation of Belarusian National Youth Union.

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